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What can we help you with?

Stuff happens. If you’re stuck in a jam on the site or otherwise need some guidance, feel free to contact our support team. We’ll respond as quickly as we can.

Contact us via our Contact Form

You can also reach out on social media:
Twitter: @HashtagBoycott
Facebook: Hashtag Boycott

Who We Are

We're a group of real people with a real frustration - that our voices are ignored unless we have enough money, influence or power to sway the masses. We thought that was a bunch of malarkey, so we created the #Boycott site.

Why We Exist

We aim to bring people together. To give us all hope that our voice will be heard. Our site doesn't care how much money, power or influence individuals may have. Everyone here is equal.

It doesn't matter if you're famous like Tom Hanks or Oprah Winfrey - or you're Joe Blow from Kokomo. #Boycott gives you a chance to increase your influence in the world.

Is This Site for You?

If you want to:
  • Exercise your voice
  • Gain influence in the world
  • Stand up for what you believe
  • Make a difference
  • Feel like your voice matters
  • Have tons of fun while doing it, then yes.

This site is for you.

Isn't Social Media Already Doing all This?

Twitter and Facebook are terrific social media sites, but sometimes your voice can get lost in the crowd. People may also fear losing friends or followers if they truly speak their mind. And now more than ever, it’s crucial for all about-us.our-voices-to-be-heard Is This Site for You?

Speak your mind on #Boycott and everyone gets an equal say. No single person can have more influence than another. Your longtime pals won't unfriend you; they simply don't have to support your boycott. They can also support the anti-boycott that's automatically created when a boycott is started.

We believe both sides of an issue can have a say on the very same page. There's no need to be divided if you have hope. And there's no need to unfriend or dislike others just because they may feel or think differently than you do.

How Will You Prevent Trolls?

By emphasizing common courtesy, the practice of treating others as we want to be treated. There's a few other guidelines outlined in our Terms of Service.

We have faith in people and trust our users. Besides, those who violate our TOS will lose a very powerful and influential tool.

What's in the Future for #Boycott?

JUICY plans are in #Boycott's future, and we're already gearing up to reach an international audience across the world.

One of the most exciting ideas in the works is the launching of "Digital Town Hall" meetings where a representative from a boycotted organization or entity can host a live, online meeting to try to win back support from those boycotting it. The rep can answer questions, respond to comments or otherwise explain their side of the story.

Our minds are also swirling with other ideas, like feature stories on the most influential boycotts on our site, an investigative documentary or two, and there's something about the terms "citizen journalist" and "citizen investigator" that we just can't live without....

Stay tuned. You won't be disappointed!

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